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Hello I’m Annessa, a Communication Designer and Strategic Thinker. I find beautiful ways to communicate big ideas whether it’s digital, print, experience or installation.

I like designing for humans. They're messy, complicated and unpredictable, and almost never do what you'd logically expect. This is the kind of dynamic challenge I enjoy designing for.

I'm drawn to complexity and making sense out of chaos. This often requires rigorous design thinking, as well as design aesthetics, to create meaningful expressions for the desired audience. My approach is to balance deep research with artistic intuition. My process is to go wild, explore and iterate, and then refine to a conceptual anchor. My favorite part is then designing for the whole system, exploring the conceptual direction across every touch point imaginable, while retaining a consistent message. And if there's an opportunity to build it into a physical space to provoke thought and engagement, even better.  

I see design as a full body sport. Hands—I like getting off the computer and making stuff. Feet—I have the best ideas while walking in nature. Head—I enjoy reading and writing and becoming intimately involved with the content. And heart—it is important to me to work with optimistic clients that desire to have positive impact in the world.